Battery holder & clip
Snap in plastic cases
IP67 die-cast aluminium boxes
Utility box & USB box
Snap-in plastic box with hinged cover
Hand-held electronic enclosure
Hand-held double injection plastic enclosure (G808)
Die-cast aluminium enclosures
Flanged die-cast aluminium enclosures
Controller enclosure
Key fob enclosure
Desktop IP54 plastic cases
Sealed die-cast aluminium enclosures


GTT have developed Extreme Environment IP67 RF outdoor die-cast enclosures that enable you to be up and running QUICKLY on your field trials for Outdoor Wireless RF Applications.
We can provide you very quickly with a fully-configured enclosure that allows you to field-trial your product in an outdoor application.
Once you have approved the concept in the field we can further assist you in developing an enclosure specifically for your application through; RF Hardware engineering design, interface-panel tooling design and final unit production. GTT enclosures are IP-67 rated and designed to endure wind loading tests up to 200 km per hour. Bespoke Design Engineering services offered for Outdoor Enclosures includes:

Antenna Design (embedded or external)
Outdoor Enclosure Panel Mount Interface Design
IP-Rated Waterproof connector & jumper solutions
Surge protection connector & jumper solutions
External Outdoor Low Loss cable assembly solutions
Internal Enclosure Wire Harness & RF/Data cable assembly planning
IP Rating verification
Environmental testing
Engineering & Tooling Design for plastic or die-cast solutions


  • CC
  • Electrocomp Express
  • Electrocomp Holdings
  • Fair Bridge
  • Nu Vision

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